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The advent of the horrible Hun marked the end of one world, and the beginning of another...

THE NIGHT ATTILA DIED by Michael A. Babcock Nonfiction speculation on the possible assassination of Attila and the cover-up that followed.

LEADERSHIP SECRETS OF ATTILA THE HUN by Wess Roberts looks to the Hun for modern inspiration; followed by VICTORY SECRETS OF ATTILA THE HUN.

ATTILA (DVD) Epic, brooding mini-series stars Gerard Butler as Attila and Powers Booth as the Roman general Aetius, locked in a struggle for the fate of the Western World.

THE SCOURGE OF GOD by William Dietrich 450 A.D.: On the plains of Hunuguri, Attila the Hun is gathering the most menacing army Rome has ever faced. By the author of Hadrian’s Wall.

ATTILA: THE SCOURGE OF GOD by Ross Laidlaw explores the rivalry between the Roman general Aetius and his nemesis, Attila the Hun. Click here to read Allan Massie’s review in The Scotsman.

THE TWELFTH VULTURE OF ROMULUS by Boris Raymond In the aftermath of Attila, a Roman patrician navigates the intrigues of a collapsing world.

GUDRUN’S TAPESTRY by Joan Schweighardt Armed with the cursed sword of Wodan, Gudrun sets out on a heroine’s quest to destroy Attila the Hun.

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