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The Roman invasion of Britain...the revolt of Boudica, the Warrior intrigues along Hadrian’s Wall...the flowering of Roman culture in Londinium — the fascination of Roman Britain is endless!


A DREAM OF EAGLES by Jack Whyte The tale of King Arthur unfolds on a grand scale as Roman legions vie against native Celts in 5th century Britain. I. The Skystone, II. The Singing Sword, III. The Saxon Shore, IV. The Eagles’ Brood, V. The Sorceror: The Fort at River’s Bend, VI. The Sorceror: Metamorphosis, VII: Uther, VIII: Clothar the Frank, and IX: The Eagle.

WARRIOR QUEEN by Alan Gold Queen Boudica challenges the vicious rule of the Romans in Britain.

by Jules Watson continues The Dalriada Trilogy, which began with THE WHITE MARE. The setting is ancient Alba (Scotland), where Princess Rhiann must defend her people against a ruthless Roman governor

THE EAGLE’S PREY by Simon Scarrow is the new novel chronicling the adventures of centurion Macro during the Roman invasion of Britain, a brazen tale of military adventure, political intrigue, and heroism. Previous novels in the series: Under the EagleThe Eagle’s ConquestWhen the Eagle HuntsThe Eagle and the Wolves

BOUDICA: Dreaming the Eagle by Manda Scott begins an epic trilogy about Boudica, the warrior queen who defied the Roman invasion of Britain. The tale continues in Dreaming the Bull and Dreaming the Hound.

PATRICK by Stephen R. Lawhead Succat, son of a powerful Roman family, becomes a slave, a soldier, and a saint under the Celtic name Patrick. By the author of Byzantium.

HADRIAN’S WALL by William Dietrich A young bride unleashes jealous passions in the Roman ranks even as the Celtic chieftain Caratacus plots to drive the invaders out of Britain.

THE EMPEROR’S BABE by Bernardine Evaristo A novel in verse about Zuleika, daughter of Sudanese immigrants in Londinium in 211 A.D.

ISLAND OF GHOSTS by Gillian Bradshaw A tale of frontier intrigue, as soldiers patrol Hadrian’s Wall on the “Island of Ghosts” — foggy, barbaric Britannia.

GET OUT OR DIE by Jane Finnis Britain, 91 A.D.: Are the savage murders at a roadside inn the work of a secret society plotting to drive out all Romans?

THE LIBERTUS MYSTERIES by Rosemary Rowe The crime-solving exploits of Libertus, a freedman in second-century Glevum (Gloucester), begin in The Germanicus Mosaic and continue in A Pattern of Blood, Murder in the Forum, The Chariots of Calyx, The Legatus Mystery, The Ghosts of Glevum, Enemies of the Empire, A Roman Ransom, A Coin for the Ferryman, Death at Pompeia’s Wedding and Requiem for a Slave

IMPERIAL GOVERNOR by George Shipway Classic novel of Queen Boudica’s revolt, as told by the Roman governor in Londinium, Suetonius Paulinus.

•••••Fiction for Younger Readers

ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF’s tales of the Roman legions in Britain include the million-copy bestseller The Eagle of the Ninth and its sequel The Silver Branch. The Outcast is about a Roman boy brought up by a British tribe. The Lantern Bearers takes place after the Romans have abandoned Britain; a sequel, Sword at Sunset, continues with tale of King Arthur’s rise.

by G.A. Henty A boy-chief is captured by invading Romans and taken to Nero’s Rome.

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