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THE PLOT TO SAVE SOCRATES by Paul Levinson In 2042, a newly discovered Socratic dialogue suggests he escaped death. A grad student time-travels to discover the truth.
BLOOD OF THE HEROES by Steve White A time-traveling expedition to ancient Geece uncovers the terrifying secret behind the gods of mythology.
ILIUM by Dan Simmons Now in paperback, this epic genre-bender melds Greek myth with far-flung science fiction, as superhuman “gods” recreate the Trojan War. The saga continues in the long-awaited sequel, OLYMPOS.
HANNIBAL’S CHILDREN by John Maddox Roberts A novel of alternate history in which Rome falls to Carthage, but rises again. In the long-awaited sequel, THE SEVEN HILLS, general Marcus Scipio struggles to restore Rome’s destiny. By the author of the SPQR mystery series.
CHANNELING CLEOPATRA by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough What if scientists recreated Cleopatra from a piece of her DNA? The light-hearted fantasy spun by Nebula Award winner Scarborough continues in a sequel, CLEOPATRA 7.2, in which a second “resurrected” Queen of the Nile enters the scene, with plans afoot to bring back Mark Antony.
THE CIRCUS OF DR. LAO by Charles G. Finney Bizarre fantasy classic includes creatures from Greek and Roman myth. Illustrated by Boris Artzybasheff. THE IMPERIUM GAME by K.D. Wentworth When a game that recreates the Roman Empire exceeds its parameters, chaos and murder result.
CONQUEROR FANTASTIC edited by Pamelia Sargent Alternate histories of war-makers, including three variations on the exploits of Alexander the Great. FORGE OF THE TITANS by Steve White A telepathic agent uncovers a plot hatched by survivors of Greece’s Heroic Age, and encounters the gods of Olympus themselves.
A SONG FOR NERO by Thomas Holt Alternate history by a comic master: Nero escapes his untimely death and goes on the lam! PYRAMID SCHEME by Eric Flint & Dave Freer Aliens transport a motley group of moderns to the world of ancient Greek myth, with humorous results.
OLYMPIC GAMES by Leslie What In the 21st century, spoiled Hera yearns for a family, but macho Zeus craves wine, women, & song. A band of mortals must rein in the chaos. KHAI OF KHEM by Brian Lumley Rollicking time-travel adventure takes Khai from ancient Egypt to modern America.
THE MOON RUNNERS by Mary Lennox In 1350 B.C., the warrior princess Atalante, marked for greatness by Artemis, encounters the gods of Olympus and the Underworld. NIGHT OF THE WOLF by Alice Borchardt The sister of Anne Rice writes of the werewolf Maeniel and his encounters with Caesar and Cleopatra.
ROMA ETERNA by Robert Silverberg The sci-fi master imagines a sweeping alternate history of Rome and its enduring empire. UP THE LINE by Robert Silverberg A time-traveler to the Byzantine Empire makes the mistake of falling for his own ancestress; perilous paradoxes ensue!
QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS by Judith Tarr Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, encounters Alexander the Great as he sweeps through Persia. IMAGININGS: After the Myths Went Home ed by Stefan Rudniki, intro. by Harlan Ellison Authors from Euripides to Robert Silverberg explore literary permutations of ancient myths.
INVENTING MEMORY by Anne Harris Shula, a slave in ancient Sumeria, and Wendy, a graduate student, appear to be very different women — but are they? CELTIKA by Robert Holdstock The author of Mythago Wood mingles Authurian legend with Greek myth as young Merlin encounters Jason and the Argonauts and the sorceress Medea. Sequel: The Iron Grail.
LEST DARKNESS FALL by L. Sprague de Camp created the alternate history genre with this exciting tale of an academic transported to ancient Rome who strives to avert the coming Dark Ages. LATRO IN THE MIST by Gene Wolfe After suffering a head wound, a Roman soldier in Greece finds himself capable of conversing with the gods and goddesses.

ETRUSCANS by Morgan Llywelyn & Michael Scott An Etuscan girl ravished by a demon gives birth to a hero of superhuman power. What choices will her son Horatius face?

THE FIREBRAND by Marion Zimmer Bradley The author of The Mists of Avalon vividly recounts the story of the Trojan War through the eyes of Kassandra, seeress and princess of Troy.

A.D. 62: POMPEII by Rebecca East Via time travel, a 21st century woman becomes the slave of a 1st century Roman family, and creates a vibrant new life for herself in the shadow of Vesuvius. HOUSEHOLD GODS by Judith Tarr & Harry Turtledove follows the fortunes of a modern woman transported to the world of ancient Rome.
WORLDS THAT WEREN’T Four novelettes of alternate history include Harry Turtledove’s “Daimon,” in which Socrates guides Alcibiades to victory over the Spartans. A CHOICE OF DESTINIES by Melissa Scott Alternate history in which Alexander the Great takes his campaign of conquest to Rome and Carthage instead of India.
PHARAOH FANTASTIC ed. by Greenberg & Koren A baker’s dozen of all-new fantasy tales set in Ancient Egypt from scribes including Brendan DuBois, Rosemary Edghill, and Alan Dean Foster. CHEOPS: A CUPBOARD FOR THE SUN by Paul West As the builder of the great pyramids dies, palace intrigues ensue; narrating the novel with wry wit is Osiris, god of the underworld. A work of formidable imagination.
THE WORLD’S DESIRE by H. Rider Haggard & Andrew Lang Towering historical fantasy of Odysseus in Egypt in search of the immortal Helen. By the author of She and King Solomons Mines. THE CORN KING AND THE SPRING QUEEN by Naomi Mitchison In the 3rd century B.C., a Scythian witch embarks on a quest that takes her to Sparta and Egypt. A powerful classic first published in 1931.

The Kaphtu Trilogy by Richard Purtill Originally published by DAW, these magical fantasies inspired by Greek myths, written by a Tolkien & C.S. Lewis scholar, are finally back in print! I. THE GOLDEN GRYPHON FEATHER (“a book I wish I’d written,” said C.J. Cherryh); II. THE STOLEN GODDESS, in which a young seafarer braves the Hounds of Hades to search for a kidnapped goddess; and III. THE MIRROR OF HELEN, the tale of Troy replete with gods and magic.
The Troy Game series by Sara Douglass begins with HADES’ DAUGHTER, a sweeping historical fantasy ranging from Ariadne and Theseus to the fall of Troy and beyond. GODS’ CONCUBINE and DARKWITCH RISING move the story forward a thousand years to 11th century Albion (England). Forthcoming: DRUID’S SWORD.
NOVELS BY JUDITH HAND • VOICE OF THE GODDESS is a visionary historical fantasy of love and adventure in the goddess-worshiping culture of ancient Crete. “A remarkable book!” (Diana Gabaldon) • In THE AMAZON AND THE WARRIOR, an Amazon queen stands between her people and Achilles, the mighty Greek warrior who has set his sights on conquering them. (Compare to Judith Tarr’s Queen of the Amazons.)
The Greek Myths Retold by Roberta Gellis hark back to an enchanted era when gods and magicians roamed the earth. In Dazzling Brightness, the love of Hades and Persephone brings Olympus to the brink of disaster. Shimmering Splendor recounts the passion of Eros and Psyche. Enchanted Fire is the tale of Orpheus, Eurydice and the Arognauts. Bull God tells of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur. Thrice Bound follows Hekate to the Caves of the Dead.
The BOOK OF THE GODS Series by Fred Saberhagen • The veteran sword & sorcery author refashions the ancient myths, beginning with those of the Greeks and Romans. The series so far, in order: I. The Face of Apollo, II. Ariadne’s Web, III. The Arms of Hercules, IV. God of the Golden Fleece, and V. Gods of Fire and Thunder, which takes the series into the realm of Germanic myth.
The ALTERNATE-ROME TRILOGY by Kirk Mitchell • In a world where Pontius Pilate spared Christ and Rome never fell, the military machine of the empire rolls on, crushing resistance but encountering unexpected opposition — including an overseas encounter with the rival Aztec empire! The series is currently out of print, but used copies are plentiful at Amazon: I. Procurator, II. The New Barbarians, III. Cry Republic.

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