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The tale of the Trojan War has passed through endless permutations, inspring countless artists, from its origin in Homer’s epic poem THE ILIAD to today’s novels, graphic novels, and DVDs...


HELEN OF TROY: Goddess, Princess, Whore by Bettany Hughes Charismatic historian scours the world of the late Bronze Age in search of the real Helen. Companion book to the PBS documentary.

IN SEARCH OF THE TROJAN WAR by Michael Wood Brilliant on-site exploration of the truth behind the legend. Companion book to the TV series, now on DVD.


Sienna Guillory stars as the legendary princess whose face launched a thousand ships.

HELEN OF TROY (1956) Oscar-winner Robert Wise directed this lavish spectacle starring the stunning Rossana Podesta as Helen.

IN SEARCH OF THE TROJAN WAR Brilliant on-site exploration of the truth behind the legend. See also the companion book by Michael Wood.

Brad Pitt makes an indelible impression as Achilles. Widescreen or Full Screen versions.

TROY: BEYOND THE MOVIE National Geographic looks at the ancient myths and unsolved mysteries behind the Hollywood magic.

•••••Graphic Novels

AGE OF BRONZE: A Thousand Ships by Eric Shanower begins a series of graphic novels depicting the story of the Trojan War. Followed by Age of Bronze: Sacrifice.


TROY: LORD OF THE SILVER BOW by David Gemmell “Britain’s King of Heroic Fantasy” (GMI) begins the tale of Troy by introducing the warrior of many names, Aeneas.

PENELOPEIA by Jane Rawlings A novel in verse reveals the surprising adventures of the wife of Odysseus.

by Margaret Atwood retells the myth of Penelope and Odysseus from a different perspective.

HELEN OF TROY by Andrew Lang Epic poem about Helen by the great British Classicist and scholar.

THE MEMOIRS OF HELEN OF TROY by Amanda Elyot In middle age, Helen writes her autobiography for her daughter, Hermione.

THE WAR AT TROY by Lindsay Clarke Epic novel spans two generations, from the origins of the war to its aftermath. A sequel, THE RETURN FROM TROY, follows the fates of Odysseus and Agamemnon.

THE SIEGE OF TROY by Greg Tobin is
a modern retelling of Homer’s Iliad .

HELEN, QUEEN OF SPARTA by John H. Pollard A cloak-and-dagger tale of mayhem, deceit, bride substitution, divine jealousy, and ritual death.

SHADES OF MEMNON by Brother G In 1200 B.C., a young Kushite warrior becomes a hero of the Trojan War. His adventures continue in RA FORCE RISING.

ILIUM by Dan Simmons Epic genre-bender melds Greek myth with far-flung science fiction, as superhuman “gods” recreate the Trojan War. Sequel: OLYMPOS

ODYSSEUS: A LIFE by Charles Rowan Beye The warrior and wanderer recounts his adventures.

TROJAN DIALOGUES by Lenny Cavallaro The tale of Troy retold as the memoirs of Diomedes, one of the few Greek leaders to return safely home.

THE SONGS OF THE KINGS by Barry Unsworth
When the war-mongering Greeks sail off to battle Troy, must King Agamemnon sacrifice his daughter to placate the gods?

ACHILLES by Elizabeth Cook retells the story of Homer’s ill-fated hero with lyrical language and moving imagery.

DAUGHTER OF TROY by Sarah B. Franklin
Conquered by Agamemnon, the seeress-queen Briseis is given to Achilles. What fate awaits her when Troy falls?

KLYTAIMNESTRA WHO STAYED AT HOME by Nancy Bogen A sympathetic view of Agamemnon’s queen and the brutal choice she faced after the Trojan war.

CASSANDRA by Christa Wolf The tragedy of the Trojan seeress is recast as a hyper-feminist short novel, plus four essays by the German author.

AN ARROW’S FLIGHT by Mark Merlis Post-modern historical novel retells the Trojan War in modern dress, or undress, since Achilles’s son Phyrrhus is a gay go-go boy!

ACCORDING TO HELEN by Florence Wallin The tale of Troy from the viewpoint of Helen — not a mere pawn, but a queen who must do what is best for her people.

•••••Fiction for Younger Readers

BY CLEMENCE McLAREN: Inside the Walls of Troy is the tale of Troy seen through the eyes of beautiful Helen and tragic Cassandra. Waiting for Odysseus is told from the point of view of four women central to the tale of Odysseus.

TROY by Adele Geras Ambitious epic transforms the triumphs and tragedies of The Iliad into a novel for young adults. Best of 2001 selection.

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